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About Health Centre of Sarajevo Canton Minimize
JU Dom zdravlja Kantona Sarajevo (The Public Institution Health Centre of Sarajevo Canton) is the largest institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina providing primary health care, which is indicated by the total of 14,345,710 visits and services in 2016.

Our institution strives to promote efficient, just, accessible, cost-effective health programmes and services, in order to respond to the needs of the citizens of Sarajevo Canton and broader, regarding primary and specialty consultative health care. Services are based on contemporary medical achievements and provided within the framework of our capabilities and conditions of the socio-economic context.  

The Centre has 9 organisational units comprising the main building and outpatient clinics (family medicine clinics), with the total of 2074 employees.

Our work was officially acknowledged with the reception of “The Sixth April Award of the City of Sarajevo”. Continuing in the direction of success, we plan to implement the project of quality and safety improvement in the PI Health Centre of Sarajevo Canton in the course of the next four years, as well as begin with preparations for accreditation.