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Visit to Srebrenica and Memorial Centre "Potočari" Minimize

A group of our employees visited Srebrenica and the Memorial Centre "Potočari", upon the invitation of dr. Sabit Begić, a retired manager of the OU Health Centre Ilijaš.

Travelling by bus through Romanija, Sokolac, Bratunac...


The Memorial Centre "Potočari"

A memorial gravestone for all of the Srebrenica victims killed by the Chetniks

By 11 July 2006, 2442 victims were identified and buried; identification and burial of several throusands of other victims is still necessary

      The grave of Adnan Pitarević who was separated from his mother and killed by the Chetniks when he was only 14 years old

The never-ending list of engraved names of Srebrenica's victims

A former batery factory, during the agression on BiH it served as a UN base within the "safe zone" of Srebrenica, in which thousands of Muslim civilians took refuge, but the international forces refused to protect them

Oblivious to the fact that a horrible massacre was just about to happen before their eyes, the Dutch troops stationed at the UN base spent their time "decorating" walls with drawings and graffiti

Some of the shameful writings and graffiti made by the Dutch soldiers insulting the local population


Abdulah, our host at the Memorial Centre "Potočari", was one of few who survived the four-day-long march through the forests around Srebrenica while the Chetniks were shelling them with artillery

From the terrace of his reconstructed home in Srebrenica, our host, dr. Sabit Begić, pointed to us the houses that were burnt down along with their inhabitants

On behalf of the employees of our institution, we presented dr. Sabit Begić, the former manager of the OU Medical Centre Ilijaš in the Sarajevo Canton, and his wife Hašmeta with a modest gift

A mix of beauty and horror - beautiful forests around Srebrenica were a site of carnage in July 1995


A "Guber" spring - one of the numerous riches of Srebrenica

The group of our employees in front of the "Guber" spring in Srebrenica

The Begić family greeted us with outstretched arms, gave us a warm welcome and filled us with hope that there is a better tomorrow for Srebrenica