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Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasound    
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This department provides the followingdiagnostic radiology services to the citizens of the Sarajevo Canton: standard x-ray examinations (diagnostic radiology of bones, chest and inner organs, spine, etc.), and special x-ray imaging (head, mastoids, zygoma). Diagnostic radiology with contrast media is used for imaging of: esophagus, gastroduodenum, small and large intestine, passage, intravenous urography, infusion urography, fistulography, lung and heart diascopy.

Diagnostic ultrasound is used for examination of soft body tissue (neck, thyroid gland, testicles, breasts, muscles), and bone-joint structures, including children’s hips. Diagnostic dental radiology performs X-rays of teeth and develops the films. Future plans include initiation of the colour doppler diagnostics.