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Penumophtisiology Minimize

This department provides health care to citizens through the following activities: diagnostics and treatment of lung diseases, periodical examinations, issuance of medical certificates, active supervision of patients suffering from specific lung diseases, as well as contact chemoprophylaxis. It performs detailed examination of radiographed persons with suspicious lung changes, as well as functional lung diagnostics. Pneumophtisiology Department resumes treatment of patients released from hospital and takes care of their rehabilitation. It also cooperates with other departments within the Health Centre and other medical institutions in Sarajevo Canton.

  • COUNSELLING CENTRE FOR ALLERGIES This Centre deals with diagnostics and treatment of atopic allergies, with the help of UNICAP 100E device, as well as in vitro method for determination of total and specific immunoglobulin E. The Centre is located at the Health Centre "Novo Sarajevo".